Who We Are


We're a team of dedicated music teachers and administration professionals who are passionate about music education.  We love to share our knowledge with the over 800 students who have chosen this remarkable center for music education, serving young children through adults with dedicated teachers, parents, and students.

Our History

Students all around the world learn from the Yamaha method, contributing to the development of a new musical generation.  Since the beginning of the Yamaha Music Course in Japan in the mid 1950’s, over 5 million students from 40 countries have graduated from Yamaha Schools, fulfilling Yamaha’s belief that “music knows no national boundaries.” 

The Boston School joined this vibrant international network of Yamaha education centers with its founding in 2006. Serving as the showcase center for the Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) in the United States, the school has been enthusiastically received, has had notable student and teacher accomplishments, and has experienced rapid growth. An unparalleled curriculum, talented teachers, and committed families make for a dynamic environment.

What We Believe

We believe that all children have an innate ability to learn, enjoy, and express themselves with music. The Yamaha method develops each student's comprehensive musical ability in an environment that inspires a love of music and a lifetime of active music participation.

Our Approach

Significantly, the courses teach students to express themselves creatively through the language of music. As their education progresses, they build performance, improvisation and composition skills. This approach has produced award-winning professional musicians, successful music teachers and millions of music lovers worldwide.

Designed for the beginner or hobbyist, our adult classes share the same commitment to quality instruction found in the children’s program. If you’d like to polish up your skills, discover a new creative outlet, or just have fun, ask about one of our classes or lessons for adults.