Yamaha Keyboard Encounters for Adults

Keyboard Encounters

Combines tradition and technology to provide an ideal setting for musical learning and development.
Why a Group Piano Class?
-Provides a supportive environment in which to learn fundamental techniques
-Creates a musical community
-Ensemble playing helps develop individual skills and listening
What are the Benefits of Music Study?
Research has shown that playing a musical instrument increases cognitive activity and the capacity for memory, refines organizational skills, enhances coordination, and relieves stress!



"I played an instrument as a kid, and I always wished that I had continued."

"I never had the chance to learn a musical instrument... I wish there was a class for beginners like me."

"I've always loved music.  I'd like to learn to play for myself." 

If this sounds like you, we invite you to learn more about Yamaha's Keyboard Encounters program... a class designed for the adult hobbyist!


Learn More About Keyboard Encounters 

How is the class structured?  Keyboard Encounters is perfect for the adult beginner or musical hobbyist, with a schedule that is paced to meet the unique needs and personalities of each class.  There are a total of 6 modules and books, each lasting approximately 6-8 weeks.  Most students get started with a 6-week beginner module , then continue on. Each class is small (6-8 students), so you'll get a lot of individual attention.

What is the tuition?  Tuition for the semester $499.  

 "I'd like to learn how to play, but I don't have a piano or keyboard."   If you don't already own a keyboard or piano, you might not be ready to purchase one until you're sure that the class is right for you.  We'll loan you a portable keyboard, free of charge for up to one full semester, until you're ready to purchase your own.

"What kind of instrument will I be playing on?"  Yamaha's Clavinova Digital Piano is the state-of-the-art classroom instrument!

"What kind of songs will we be playing?"  Students learn a wide variety of styles, from classical to blues to pop.