Facilities Update 5/29/2021

As of May 29th, 2021, masks will remain a requirement while at the Yamaha Music School of Boston office, however we will no longer be taking temperatures at the door. Front desk sign-in will also no longer be required.




Important Note from our Director Regarding Spring 2021


Dear Parents and Students,
Like all of you, we at Yamaha Music School of Boston are looking forward to a summer of sunshine, music and some much overdue face-to-face time with friends and family!
Summer Session at Yamaha Music School is now OPEN!  We are offering both in-person and virtual private lesson options as well as virtual group music classes for Summer 2021.  We will continue to follow social distancing, capacity limitations and masking protocol as determined by the state and education officials, with safety being our first priority.
Summer Session at Yamaha Music School is a great time to continue music making or try a new instrument! Please review our Summer 2021 Brochure and save your spot today. 
New Group Students age 4-5 Click Here
New Group Students age 6-7 Click Here
Continuing Group Students in JMC1/2 or YMC 1 Click Here
Continuing Group Students in JMC 3/4  or YMC 2 Click Here
Continuing Group Students in Music Friends Click Here
Summer Private Lessons – Click Here
A message from me wouldn’t be complete without an anecdote from my daughter, who is in her 3rd year of study at YMS.  I asked her what she wanted to do for music this summer, group or private lessons?  She gave me a side eye and said with a huge smile “BOTH!”  You got it, kid.
Warm Regards,
Lily Symmonds

SUMMER 2021 In-Person vs. Online Private Lesson Information

  • All group classes will remain online for the Summer 2021 session.
  • The following teachers are available for summer teaching:

    Teachers Offering In-Person Private Lessons Teachers Offering Online-Only Private Lessons
    Ms. Hsiu-lan Cheng (piano) Ms. Beth Sterling (voice)
    Ms. Jee-Lian Parry (piano) Ms. Violeta Dontcheva (piano)
    Ms. Jessica Smith (flute) Ms. Mina Osako (piano)
    Mr. Nathan Morel (piano) Ms. Yuki Shibata (piano)
    Mr. Jared Rocco (piano/guitar) Dr. Charles White (composition/piano)
      Ms. Ayako Hattori (piano)
      Mr. Joe Miterko (piano)


Important Note from our Director Regarding Spring 2021


Dear Yamaha Music School Students and Families,
I hope this email finds you all healthy and safe in the new year. This message is to update you on our spring semester, starting on February 6th.  
For the safety of our students and staff, and in accordance with Massachusetts social distancing regulations, Yamaha Music School of Boston will continue to conduct all group lessons virtually and offer some in-person private lessons for piano students.  Click here to read about our in-person lesson options.
I think we can all agree that this has been a most unusual year and I thank you for continuing your musical journey with Yamaha.  While we cannot wait to be back in person with all of you, we in the faculty and administration are so very humbled and proud of the incredible progress and musicianship we’ve seen happen from afar.
As many of you know, my daughter Beatrix is in the Junior Music Course program and (my classmates’ parents can back me up with this) does not keep her opinions quiet.  We were practicing the other day and she stopped playing to say “Mommy, I love music lessons but I especially love music class in the building…I miss the good old days when we would go to the school.”   I smiled at her using the phrase “good old days” while my heart sank a little knowing that I didn’t have the answer for exactly when we would be back to normal.  She quickly got back to practicing “The Dove” and then on to “Little Red Shoes” and by the time we got to “Marionette Dance” she was lost in the fun of making music.  That moment made me think that she’s got this whole situation figured out pretty well: remembering and looking forward to the return of normal life, but then getting right back to something that brings happiness.
I hope this year at Yamaha is one that brings joy, creativity and a shared musical experience to your homes – perhaps even some of these homebound music memories will someday be part of someone’s “good old days” story. 
Warm Regards,
Lily Symmonds




Facilities Updates

Our staff has been working hard to ensure proper 6ft social distancing, air filtration, and sanitation procedures for our limited in-person lessons this past Fall. Take a look at our photos below!



Book Pick-Up for Group Class Students

It’s hard to believe, but our Fall 2020 semester begins September 8th! As our group classes will be remote for the Fall, we are requiring that families sign up to stop by our school at pre-scheduled times over the coming weeks to receive their books for the new semester.



CLICK HERE to sign up to receive your books!


  • No more than one person may attend pick-up per timeslot (please do not bring any guests or children with you)
  • If you have multiple children, you may receive all your students’ books at the same timeslot.
  • A mask must be worn at all times while at YMS Boston.
  • By signing up for a timeslot, you are confirming that you have not traveled to any location requiring quarantine upon re-entry to Massachusetts within the last 14 days.

As a reminder, our school address is: 57 Bedford Street, Suite 105, Lexington, MA 02420


Please reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing you!


In-Person vs. Online Private Lesson Information

  • Due to the potential increased risk of virus transmission, the following instruments will not be offered in-person for the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 sessions: voice, woodwinds.
  • All group classes will remain online for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.

    Teachers Offering In-Person Private Lessons Teachers Offering Online-Only Private Lessons
    Ms. Hsiu-lan Cheng (piano) Mr. Geofrey Cua (violin/viola)
    Dr. Miriam Conti Vanoni (piano) Ms. Violeta Dontcheva (piano)
    Mr. Joe Miterko (piano) Ms. Ayako Hattori (piano)
    Mr. Nathan Morel (piano) Dr. David Ibbett (composition)
    Mr. Jared Rocco (piano/guitar ONLY) Ms. Haram Kim (piano)
      Ms. Mina Osako (piano)
      Ms. Jee-Lian Parry (piano)
      Ms. Jace Payackapan (piano/voice)
      Mr. Michael Pihakis (guitar)
      Ms. Yuki Shibata (piano)
      Ms. Amelia Sie (violin/viola)
      Ms. Jessica Smith (flute)
      Ms. Beth Sterling (voice)
      Ms. Lily Symmonds (saxophone)
      Dr. Charles White (composition/piano)


Important Note from our Director Regarding Fall 2020




Dear Yamaha Music School Students and Parents,

I hope this message finds you and your family well. I wanted to reach out today with some important announcements about YMS Boston. Here in New England, our part of the country has led the way in establishing and adhering to best practices to keep COVID-19 transmission at bay. In uncertain times, it’s reassuring to be a citizen of greater Boston; a community that stands together in times of need and does what is best for one another’s safety and health.

It that spirit, Yamaha Music School of Boston will begin our Fall 2020 semester exclusively offering virtual learning.

For group lessons, we anticipate virtual learning for all group classes to remain virtual through the entirety of the fall semester (September 8th – January 29th), with the goal of offering more in-person or hybrid options in our Spring semester starting in February, 2021.

For private lessons, we plan to offer limited private lessons in-person for those who would prefer this option starting later in the semester. Private lessons availability for in-person will be based on teacher’s ability to teach in-person, facility capacity (in compliance with social distancing regulations) and family/student agreement to in-person guidelines and rules. Private lessons for voice lessons and wind instruments will be exclusively virtual.

Next Friday, August 7th we will announce whom of our teachers will be available for in-person private lessons and details about this option. We will also announce the procedure for picking up new books for our group lesson students. Be sure to have a look at our website for our recently published a COVID-19 page to see the latest information, including our safety precautions for in-person learning or other visits.

YMS Boston is accepting new and continuing student registration for the Fall semester starting on September 8th and we are also still accepting summer students who would like to sign up for a group or private lesson in August. We appreciate your referrals and please be sure to let your friends know they can take part in a high-quality, virtual lesson at Yamaha Music School.

We are so proud to be a part of your lives and hope that our continued virtual learning provides a sense of safety, normalcy, fun and an expressive outlet for all of our students. Someday soon, this will all be a memory and we will be together again. Until then, YMS Boston will be here to ensure that the music plays on.

Thank you all for being a part of YMS Boston and I am available anytime for your questions.

Musically yours,

Lily Symmonds