Music Friends 


Register for a trial lesson to learn moreMusic Friends (MF - ages 6-12)is a unique course that integrates individual and group teaching methods so that students develop playing abilities at their own pace – akin to individual lessons – and enjoy the benefits of group lessons, such as the fun of ensemble playing and solfege singing.  Together with a wide and interesting range of pieces, an easy-to-learn approach and the latest learning resources, the music learning experience of the students of Music Friends Course is further enhanced.


Course length: 8 weeks
Class schedule: Up to individual choice; join anytime!
Lesson structure: Grouped individual lessons; open class
Parent participation: No
Student Age: 6-12

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Learn at Your Own Pace
Although the lessons are conducted in a group, each student gets individual attention from the teacher and achieves learning milestones at his or her own pace. You can join the class anytime without worrying about age and lagging behind in class.

Interesting Repertoire to Engage Students
The course textbooks contain a variety of famous pieces, giving the students a special worldview of each piece and nurturing their creativity.

YMS_02_Everyone_Song_RGBs_320x213_ba9061e0d8501f313c593f15c9e63ebb.jpgEstablishing Strong Foundation Skills in a Group
Students will also experience the joy of playing music together with their classmates, an experience unachievable in an individual lesson setting. 

 Resources for Self Learning
In the classroom and at home, students have access to videos and sound recordings that reinforce the correct playing techniques and allow practice with musical and rhythmic accompaniment.