YMS Boston Welcomes Newest Course - Music Friends!

YMS_02_Everyone_Song_RGBs_320x213_ba9061e0d8501f313c593f15c9e63ebb-2YMS Boston is thrilled to announce our newest course, Music Friends, beginning April 27th & 28th!  We are the first Yamaha school in the United States to launch this unique program for children ages 6-12. 

Music Friends is a groundbreaking course that integrates individual and group teaching methods so that students develop playing abilities at their own pace.  Primary school children are involved in various activities and finding time to practice at home can be difficult. Needless to say, reviewing and practicing at home is very important to improving musical skills effectively. Yamaha is providing an opportunity for your child to learn music easily.

Since the experiment class began in Ginza in Japan in 1955, Yamaha has offered the opportunity to share the pleasure of music with friends in the form of group lesson. Enjoying music with friends, playing ensemble together... The benefits of group lesson are obvious.

On the other hand,YMS_04_Personal_iPad_RGBs_320x213_e1e737e98d0f9c09274c7ecd5260ce0c-2
· I want my child to develop technique to play music.
· I want my child to acquire the ability of reading musical scores.
Such requests from parents have been increasing more and more in recent years. In order to meet these
requirements, an individualized approach would be effective.

Yamaha's Music Friends aims to meet such various demands (in the form of "Grouped-Individual Lesson"). Individual teaching improves each student's performance skill at their own pace, while at the same time they are able to share the joy of music with friends in group time.

YMS Boston will be offering an 8-week Music Friends course beginning on April 27th & 28th.  

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Yamaha Welcomes Dr. Miriam Conti Vanoni to Faculty

Yamaha Music School of Boston is delighted to welcome Dr. Miriam Conti Vanoni to our faculty! Miriam is an accomplished and talented musician and educator, who’s friendly, compassionate and fun! She is also a mom of Yamaha Music School of Boston graduates and brings with her the experience on both sides of the classroom.


“Hello, I'm Mrs. Miriam and I am looking forward to starting my teaching at YMS Boston! I first came to the Yamaha School in Boston as a parent in the JMC program, and I was immediately struck by the stress of the Yamaha method on singing and ensemble playing.

I am excited that the school makes this experience available to everyone from the very early stage, and as a teacher, I consider both aspects necessary complements to the instrumental technique at all levels. I love to accompany students through every step of their learning, from the basics to the best piano repertoire, at the same time looking for a specific path according to each student's inclinations. I'm excited to help each one of them in developing at the best their skills using the Yamaha method!”




“Miriam is a very exciting addition to our staff! We look forward to her bringing her expertise as a musician and a parent to the classroom!” says Director, Lily Symmonds. “Her vast experience and warm personality make her a perfect fit for the Yamaha community.”

Dr. Conti Vanoni will be offering private lessons starting this Friday, March 2nd and cannot wait to meet you! She is available Fridays and Saturdays.

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YMS Boston Welcomes Anna Yukho to Piano Faculty

DSC_0834.jpgYamaha Music School of Boston is pleased to welcome Anna Yukho to our faculty! Ms. Yukho will be teaching private piano lessons on Sundays.

Of her teaching philosophy, Ms. Yukho says, "My goal is to instill creativity, joy, patience, and self-discipline in each of my students during our time together. While building a solid technical foundation, I also work to guide my students' musical ear and appreciation for the art of piano performance."

Born in Minsk (Belarus), Hanna Yukho started playing piano at age six under the tutelage of her mother. In 1999 she made her debut with the Belarusian State Chamber Orchestra performing the fifth J. S. Bach piano Concerto. 

Prizewinner of International Piano Competition in memory of Arthur Rubinstein in Bydgoszcz, Poland, Hanna received her first award at the age of ten as a winner of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Antonin, Poland. In 2003, she became a prizewinner of the International Piano Competition “Music of hope” in Gomel, Belarus. In 2015, she won Pianist’s Award of the isa15 – International Summer Academy of the mdw in Reichenau, Austria. 

During her career, Hanna appeared at important venues at different festivals such as Weill Recital Hall – Carnegie Hall and Klavierhaus in New York during the Mannes Sounds Festival, Flagey in Belgium. Hanna has participated in international festivals such as Vladimir’s Spivakov’s charity Festival “Moscow meets friends”. She also gave performances in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Holland, Poland, and Russia. As a soloist, Hanna has performed with the Belarusian State Chamber and Symphony Orchestra several times. 

Hanna Yukho attended Republican Music College in her native Minsk, Belarus. In 2013, she graduated from the Academy of Music in Minsk where she studied with Prof. Igor Olovnikov, who had been her teacher for the previous thirteen years. Hanna attended Mannes College The New School for Music where she studied with the legendary pianist Vladimir Feltsman. In 2017 Hanna Yukho graduated from Yale School of Music where she studied with Boris Berman and Peter Frankl. Fun fact: Ms. Yukho is the only person from Belarus to have graduated from Yale!

"I am very excited to be working at Yamaha Music School of Boston. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to share my passion for music with all levels of students, and to collaborate with Yamaha Music School's incredibly talented faculty," says Ms. Yukho.

“Anna’s impressive background and thoughtful approach to piano pedagogy make her an exciting addition to our staff,” says School Director Lily Symmonds. 

Please join all of us at YMS Boston in welcoming Ms. Yukho to our community!

Interested in Sunday piano lessons? Click here to schedule a free trial with Ms. Yukho!

Congrats to our 2017 LexFun! Scholarship Recipient

IMG_5378.jpgYamaha Music School presented student Julianna R. with our annual LexFUN! Scholarship. LexFUN! is Lexington’s network for families with children aged five and under. Founded in 1942, LexFUN! is one of the largest volunteer-run parent organizations in Massachusetts providing social, educational and community events and activities. LexFUN! is a recognized MA PTA.   

“We were so excited to welcome Julianna and her family to our community,” says School Director Lily Symmonds. “When selecting our scholarship recipient, we were looking for demonstrated need along with a family commitment to make music part of their day to day lives.”

Four year old Julianna is accompanied to her Junior Music Course 1 class each week by her grandmother, who says Julianna has been interested in piano since she was just three years old. When asked of the importance of musical education, she says, “It brings so much to the child and makes them happy.” For the future, through music, Julianna’s family hopes that it will bring out her personality and confidence.

Julianna also let us know that her favorite color is red and her favorite movie is “Sing!” When asked about her favorite part of Junior Music Course 1 so far she also said, “singing!”

Congratulations to Julianna! We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful musical things you do here at our school!

YMS Boston Bolsters String Faculty with Violinist, Marie Oka


Yamaha Music School of Boston has welcomed Marie Oka to our faculty!  Ms. Oka will be teaching private violin lessons on Sundays and Mondays this Fall.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Marie started playing the Violin at the age of three. She began studying at the Purcell School of Music in UK at age 11 where she studied with Carol Slater and Yossi Zivoni, and recived a scholarship from the UK Government`s Music and Dance scheme. Marie received her Bachelor`s degree from the Royal College of Music in London, where she studied with Yossi Zivoni. In 2016 she graduated with her Master of Music degree from Yale School of Music, where she studied with Prof. Syoko Aki. 

Marie has performed extensively as a soloist n the UK, Japan and USA as well as across Europe. She has also taken part as Soloist, Chamber Musician and Orchestral player in the Sarasota Music Festival, Bergen International Festival, Grand Piano Chamber Music Academy and Festival, and the Bath International Music Festival. She has also performed as part of the Tokyo International Artist Association Classical Music concert series in Suntory Hall, Tokyo.

As a keen Historical Performer, she has also performed as a Baroque Violinist at the Tilford Bach Festival in UK and with the Yale Schola Cantorum under the direction of Masaaki Suzuki and Simon Carrington. As an orchestral player she has also worked with notable Composers and Conductors including Bernard Haitink, John Adams and Peter Oundjian.

In addition to teaching at Yamaha Music School, she will also be teaching at the Longy School of Music preparatory program and Sistema Side-by-Side series, while pursuing her Graduate Performance Diploma.

"Ms. Oka is a gifted musician and passionate educator" says School Director, Lily Symmonds.  "We are very happy to welcome her to our school!"

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Yamaha Music School of Boston Welcomes Jared Rocco to Piano Faculty

Jared Rocco Headshot.jpgJared Rocco is a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter who has made music a part of his life since the very beginning. Born in Pennsylvania,] Jared began taking piano lessons at age 6, eventually moving to New Hampshire at age 8. Inspired by the nature that surrounded him he began writing solo piano pieces as early as 6th grade.  Jared has extensive experience as a composer and songwriter. He has recorded and released two albums of original music as well as composed music for the environmentally themed musical “What’s All the ComOcean?” The musical went on to be performed at dozens of schools around the state of New Hampshire. Jared studied music at the University of New Hampshire and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Studio Composition from SUNY Purchase College.

Jared+Keyboard+Keene+Music+Fest-1.jpgJared's approach in the classroom is to inspire passion for music while providing students with tools and techniques for becoming competent and skillful musicians. Of joining the team at YMS Boston, Jared says "I’m excited to begin teaching at Yamaha Music School of Boston because I feel that the school’s positive educational environment will be a great setting for my students to achieve their goals." 

"It was clear from the moment we met him that Mr. Rocco would be an oustanding addition to our school community" said Director Lily Symmonds.  "Jared adds not only to our high standards for excellence in music education, but also to the strong belief we have that music is meant to bring joy to the students lives and become an important part of who they are as an individual.  His diverse talents as a pianist, song writer and self described "music theory nerd" make him a perfect fit for our school."

Mr. Rocco will begin teaching this Fall - Click here to schedule a free trial lesson!

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Yamaha Music School of Boston Welcomes Pianist & Composer Suji Kim to Faculty

Suji Kim is a composer, bassist, pianist, singer-songwriter, and educator from Seoul, South Korea. Originally a classically trained pianist, she naturally began to write music and improvise in search of her own voice. She has found a special interest in double bass and has pursued it since 2009. She studied Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music and Modern American Music Composition at the Longy School of Music of Bard Suji Kim headshot 2.jpegCollege's Master's program.

With her love for poetry, dance, photography, and impressionistic painting, Suji’s music depicts and re-realizes “the moments” to the listeners with her absorbing melodies and delicate contemporary harmonies. In March 2017, she has released her first single album, Crossing Points, featuring vocalist Jihye Lee and pianist Vardan Ovsepian. Suji’s composition covers a wide range of styles including classical, folk, pop, gospel, blues, and jazz, and she is now expanding her creative horizon outwards to interdisciplinary arts.

Her journey has led her to a passion for designing a therapeutic music education program, integrating speech, dance, theater, music and culture to help people find beauty and joy in life and express themselves freely.

Ms. Kim believes strongly in parental invovlement in children's music education and is looking forward to helping Yamaha Music School families make music a part of their day to day lifestyle. Ms. Kim believes strongly in a comprehensive, fun approach to music education and of the Yamaha Method she says "....the curriculum goes well with my personal views and goals when teaching young children." 

School Director Lily Symmonds says "Suji Kim is a remarkable musician and charistmatic and passionate educator - we look forward to welcoming her to our community this fall!" 

Ms. Kim will be teaching Yamaha Method group classes as well as private lessons - Click here to request a free trial with Ms. Suji Kim today!


Annual All School Concert Celebrates 2016-2017 Academic Year

IMG_4048.jpgOn June 24th and 25th, Yamaha Music School of Boston ‘s 2016-2017 academic year culminated in a wonderful weekend of All School Concert performances. In this year’s annual concert, over 350 performers took the stage at Cary Memorial Hall in Lexington, MA to perform for an audience comprised of over 2,000 family members, friends, teachers, and fellow students.

Each of the four concerts brought audience members on a musical journey complete with performances by the beginning Junior Music Course (JMC) and Young Musicians Course (YMC) students, ceremonies for graduating students, and original compositions by advanced Yamaha students.

As a special treat, the All School Concert 2017 featured an unprecedented performance by YMS Boston’s talented teachers.

IMG_4041.jpgTeacher, Mr. Yu Jin says of his first experience at an All School Concert, “It was such a great experience to be a member of our All School Concert. The happiest thing for me is seeing the huge improvement for all my students. I am so lucky to have them all and thankful for Yamaha for bringing us such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy music.”

Each concert featured at least one Junior Original Concert (JOC) performance. JOC celebrates the importance of creativity and self-expression with student original compositions. Jonathan Garrity performed his piano duo 4-Mile Reggae alongside his father. Lily Hoyt performed alongside teacher Mr. Jen Tao Yu with her piano duo, The Meteor Shower.


“Performing at the All School Concert is an amazing experience that I will never forget. Ever since I was little, I always looked forward to, and enjoyed being in the All School Concert. The joy of being able to express music on stage is a wonderful opportunity that everyone deserves,” said Lily Hoyt, age 14.

Lastly, Alex Zhang performed his piano solo Nocturne in D Minor. This July, Alex will represent YMS Boston at the prestigious National Junior Original Concert in Cerritos, CA.

            Congratulations to our All School Concert 2017 performers for an exceptional display of the hard work, musicality, and joy we strive for at YMS Boston!


Parent to Parent: Advice on Overcoming Challenges and Continuing Lessons 


As we head into the new fall semester, it is a wonderful time to reexamine all of the benefits of continued study in music!  Many parents face 

moments of difficulty when children are struggling to maintain good practice habits.  How does a parent find an effective balance of encouragement, positivity, and discipline? To explore the answer to this question, let’s hear some advice from YMS Boston parents (and children, too!):

“Practicing, fitting the time into our lives to consistently commit to the discipline has been hard.  At the end of a long day sometimes she nor I want to practice.  So we had to decide what was more important as a family and what was less important.  Music instruction does reliably improve spatial-temporal skills over time.  These talents come into play in solving multistep problems in all areas especially math, language, and technology.  During dinner time Ava goes to the piano and she plays, not practice but spends time playing at the piano.  This habit has helped take away the painful part of mastering any disciplined activity.  She gets to choose what she wants to work on.  

The lessons we give her are meaningless unless supported by our home and her physical practice.  I try to link her achievement with her efforts, not her outcomes.  Delayed gratification is such as hard thing for a child to understand, especially when they spend time passively with video games that offer instant gratification.” - Rawan K., parent of Ava K. (age 11, student at YMS Boston since age 3)


17636804_10154244527327047_2244274783770802267_o.jpg“I like the habit of it (15-20 minutes of practice at least 5 nights a weak) and
how the habit created an expectation in the child that piano practice is just a natural part of life.  I think this sticks with the child and allows them to apply themselves as they continue learning.  I also like Yamaha’s emphasis on allowing the child to own their experience.  I’ve found that my child is most excited about practice when she feels she’s working on something for herself, not for me.  That relates to what I have found the most challenging, which is providing subtle guidance and redirection without my child feeling like I'm being critical.  Yamaha helps with this by encouraging parents to focus on complimenting what children are doing well.”  -Covie E., parent of Elodie E. 

“Although I think practice is boring just like all of you, my advice is to do your warmups and scales first.  Then do your funs songs so you can end one happy note and feel better.  With practice and time, you will get better then music will be more enjoyable! Just stick to it and have fun.”

-Keita W. (current YMS Boston student)

Parents, if practicing and motivation difficulties resonate with you, remember the advice of these parents and students.  Maybe you are facing a difficult day, week, month, or term and you feel that the present struggles might not be justified.  Yet, these present struggles are completely normal to experience on your child’s lifelong journey with music - a journey in which the joys, benefits, and accomplishments are irreplaceable.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to enroll for our and fall term!


Yamaha Music School of Boston Welcomes New Faculty for Piano, Voice & Guitar


Yamaha Music School of Boston is proud to announce new members of our teaching faculty!  Please take a moment to read about these talented educators below. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free trial today!

Mr. Jentao Yu

Jentao Yu began his piano study at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China, with Tara Sheng and later with Jeffrey Cohen at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City for his Master's degree. After a one year of military service in Taiwan, Yu decided to return to the States to further his music study.  He is currently a candidate for a Doctoral of Musical Arts, studying under Pavel Nersessian at Boston University.
Click Here to Read More About Jentao Yu!

Mr. Robert Bekkers

Born in the Netherlands, Robert Bekkers earned his performing and teaching degrees at the Conservatory of Maastricht. During the seven years there, he won a scholarship to study contemporary music with Angelo Gilardino and completed master classes for internationally-known guitarists such as David Russell and Pepe Romero as well as many others.
Click Here to Read More About Robert Bekkers!

Free Trial Lessons are a great way to meet our new faculty and get started with private study!  Ready to enroll now?  E-mail ymsboston@yamaha.com with your preferred day, time and instrument for immediate placement.

Miss Sophia Ryoo


Sophia Ryoo is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina where she earned a Master of Music degree in piano performance under the direction of Dr. Charles Fugo.  In 2014, she performed with the Alicante Philharmonic at Music Fest Perugia in Perugia, Italy.  While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Georgia Regents University, she received various awards from numerous Georgia-based competitions, including Outstanding Performance, which allowed her to perform at the Savannah International Trade Center on several occasions. Miss Ryoo also received the Award of Excellence and Honorable Mention from both the Georgia Music Educators Association and the Georgia Music Teachers Association.  

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Mr. Justin Moore


After receiving degrees in Vocal Performance and Vocal Music Education from Southeast Missouri State University, Justin completed his Master's degree in Vocal Performance at the Longy School of Music of Bard College.  Justin currently serves as tenor section leader, voice instructor, and soloist at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Harvard Square, and is music director of the women's acapella ensemble, Second Wind.  Justin also serves as the 6th Grade Chorus Director at the Ottoson Middle School in Arlington.  In 2010 he served as Assistant Musical Director of the Boston-based chorus, Sharing a New Song.

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